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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and made the dream came home. >> reporter: she chose it because of the neighbors. >> the close knit because of the park. >> reporter: the city is eyeing this land to build 20 tiny homes similar to this, where the homeless would live. it is across a popular park and adjacent to a home. >> they say it will be about 20 homeless that would be here, but 20 leads to them telling their friends and it could be 60 to a hundred. >> difficult process, there isn't a lot of available land. >> reporter: the city housing deputy director says they are listening to community input after putting out a list of nearly 100 city owned or city leased sites where the tiny homes could be built in the 10 districts. >> the first initial is city owned parcels, we looked at surplus parcels in the inventory and now we are going out to the community saying this is what we have, what else do you think would be a good idea? >> reporter: the goal is end homelessness but the project of
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tiny homes is becoming a big problem superin, even jessica who said she is advocate for the homeless. >> it is nice that we need to support the homeless and have a growing concern about the homeless here, but not in a neighborhood where there are children and dog walking. we don't know what will happen, who will monitor it, we haven't gotten all those details. >> reporter: what are the other options the city is looking at? they tell us they will consider other properties, including those that are privately owned. i got to tell you, since we have been here for a live shot, we had a lot of people come out and express to us they are not happy about the possibility of the tiny homes coming into their neighborhood. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the tony homes would be taken down in 2022 when, but expected to go up next year. san francisco's central subway will probably not be ready when the new warriors arena opens in 2019. fans won't be able to use the important link with downtown.
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kpix 5's phil matier says there is frustration to go around. >> reporter: that is right, we are here at the warriors arena, or where it will be where work is under way. the idea is to have it up and running by august of 2019, but one of the main transportation links could be delayed by four months. >> third street is already mayhem. >> traffic is the issue, without the central subway going live it will make a bad situation worse. >> reporter: how much worse remains to be seen, but word oaf the 10-month delay in the multibillion dollar subway means the line will not likely be ready to carry thousands fans to the warriors new arena going up in mission bay, when it opens in 2019. >> things are moving slower than we planned. >> reporter: the central subway is a vital ling from bart, east bay, and the downtown to new arena. but because of delays in the china town station, they won't be able to flip the switch on
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the line until months after the arena is built. >> at this point in time, if one part of the project is not functional, the entire project will be delayed. >> reporter: it is key to the warriors as well. >> definitely important. and one of the things, here in the bay area and all over the bay area is traffic is an issue, lot of people, lot of vehicles, only so many bridges, only so many subways and ways to move people. >> we start shirtal from every major connection point to go downtown to the arena. >> reporter: not just warrior games. >> a few months in there, likely some sort of opening event. >> reporter: like this paul mccartney show that opened a new arena in sacramento and drew thousands of people there. >> not like there are no options but we prefer all options. >> those in san francisco are good sports but it will be 10 miserable months. >> people might be frustrated because the project is delayed but we are working extremely
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hartd r hard to minimize the-- hard to minimize the destruction, to get it up and running as soon as possible. >> reporter: whether or not they can make up for the time remains to be seen. the warriors, however, say they will do their best to play ball with the city, we will see how the fans take it. allen? >> delays cost money, any i'd what the price tag is here-- idea what the price tag is here? >> reporter: the delay won't cost money in terms of construction costs but when the shuttles start operating every night, whether 9,000-member concert or 18,000-seat ball game, remains to be seen. i will tell you, we do know who will be paying for it. you, me, veronica, and everybody else back there that pays taxes and rides muni. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5, back to you. >> all in it together. transportation officials in marin plan to look at traffic patterns to find the areas most in need of a fix, they will spend up to $163,000 to get the
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data. regional agency determines how much money they get. san rafael listed among the worst in the bay area, the studies are in september or october. a palo alto woman arrested for suspected drunk driving crash that left one passenger dead and another injured. police took 53-year-old veera spielman into custody following the deadly crash saturday night. officers say she drifted out of the lanes of traffic and hit an unoccupied parked car. she was book under to the santa clara county jail on charges of vehicular manslaughter and dui. a traffic alert in the east bay, fatal car crash shut down niles canyon road to mission boulevard in fremont. chopper fibwas over the crash, it-- 5 was over the crash, it involved one car that flipped. 12:30 this afternoon it happened, both directions are still closed. expected to open in an hour. battle in alameda county.
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>> over expanding mental health services at the jail, construction is under way for the controversial expansion, but protesters say the money could be better spent. kpix 5 reporter susie stemiel here to explain. >> reporter: protesters are hoping that it is not too late to reverse the supervisor support for expansion of mental health services inside the santa rita jail. they say this would be a step backward. >> this has been an on going thing. >> reporter: one by one... >> no such thing as mental health care in jail. >> reporter:... organizers from decarcerate alameda county group took the floor in more ways than one at a hearing today. the agreed upon goal is decreasing the number of mentally ill people in the jail, specifically the santa rita jail, what they disagree on is how this should be done. >> we would like the board of supervisors to reconsider approving the expansion. >> reporter: the controversial
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expansion was unanimously approve bide the board of supervisors in 2016. the expansion is still under construction and protesters want to make sure it is never used. >> i do thing it is a waste of money. >> reporter: dr. edward is one of dozens of mental health professionals calling this is a commitment to an old system. protesters say they would rather see the county commit money to transitional services and work on ways to keep the mentally ill out of jail. >> i am concerned that the county is throwing $61 million down the rab hole never to be seen a-- rabbit hole never to be seen again. >> improving their status and their services while in custody is difficult for me to understand. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff, gregory, says inmates will begin programming while incarcerated, which he says is key to reducing resitivism. >> the inmates in our custody
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have dual diagnosis that cause them to have difficulties outside of custody. when they are not addressed, they are going to reoffend. >> reporter: now one of the biggest questions that came up at today's meeting is if it was possible at all to redirect this $fev 4 million grant toward-- $54 million grant to assist in mental health in the community and the sheriff said it is not possible, the grant money was specifically for california jails and must be spent inside of them. the supervisors say they are not bending on their decision. live in oakland, susie stemiel, kpix 5. china town business owner did not back down when a man started causing trouble in his shop. he grabbed a bamboo stick and fought back. the man started causing a disturbance in the store near grant and sacramento street yesterday afternoon. police say he even punched the owner after he was asked to leave. when the owner noticed the man
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had a knife, that is when he pulled out a bamboo stick and hit the man until he dropped the weapon. the man was arrest said. a major refinery fire leads to safety over shawl at chevron, the-- overhaul at shev ron. tens of thousands of bay area dog owners say lay off our leashes, taking a stand against rough rules for popular recreation areas. rebranding the party with a new slogan and agenda, will the message sell with voters? the ocean breeze has returned, 22 miles per hour right now in san jose, 28 miles an hour in san francisco. and temperatures have fallen up to 20 degrees. how long is the cool down? stick around, your forecast is next. blood pressure
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richmond. a new settlement com chevron will spend millions on safety upgrades at its refinery in richmond. a new settlement comes after a fire in 2012 that injured several workers and sent thick black smoke into the surrounding community. kpix 5's julia goodrich with what the oil giant agreed to do-- juliette goodrich with what the oil giant agreed to do. >> reporter: the main priority is work safety and also the safety of community members who
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live near the refinery, about 15,000 community members actually went to the hospital as a result of the refinery fire. august 6, 2012, thick black smoke filled the sky at the richmond refinery, caused by a curounded and leaky pipe. a vapor cloud engulfed 19 workers who were fixing the leak, and within minutes vapor ignited into a wall of flames. hern rand ez, mother of twins, remembers like it was yesterday. >> you can just see like a cloud just, a cloud of smoke like it is dark. >> reporter: five years later state and local agencies have stepped up safety procedures as a result of the fire. with chevron agreeing to change its emergency response and safety standards. >> now chevron has agreed to replace all piping that is in service cht >> reporter: clive is with cal osha. >> we rewrote regulations,
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enhanced regulations, require industry to justify their decision making process. that was never done before. >> reporter: the chevron settlement includes chevron agreeing to replace carbon steelb piping with chrome alloy exceeding current requirements for refineries, extensive emergency response training for workers and contract workers, paying penalties more than $1 million and donating $200,000 to job partnership training to prepare students for future work in the requinary industry. richmond residents who live near the refinery and who were here during the fire say this settlement is a step in the right direction, especially since it exceeds the state's industry standards for safety. but despite future changes, there still is some distrust in the community. is this good enough for you? when you hear the changes in place? >> yeah, it is good enough. it is being-- it is not good enough, it is a step towards good enough. i would say.
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>> reporter: now some refinery workers who were there back in 2012 who didn't want to go on camera today tell me they are relieved about this agreement as well, to have safety measures in place. these safety measures have already been going on the past couple of years, in fact, the pipes we talked about, some of them have already been replaced. all of them, though, in the entirety, miles and miles of them will be replaced by january 1, 2019. in richmond, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. palo alto put in more public charging stations for electric cars. 6 new chargers at the bryant street garage on had top of the three that were already there. all are powered by the sun. similar charging ports exist or will go in soon at several garages nearby, and so far drivers have been using them for free, but that will change next month when the city starts charging a small fee, about $2 each time on average. all this is part of palo alto's broader push to use more solar
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power. that is locally generated. other bay area headlines, a crash sent a car into a building this morning in san francisco south of market district. police say one car crossed in front of the other at folsom and 11th causing one of the cars to slam into the ild being. both-- of the building. both cars mangled. four people okay after the rough landing at the hayward airport. the nose gear collapsed as the plane touched down, the plane skidded to a stop. police look the burglar whose targeted more than 4 dozen cars in brentwood and livermore, 17 cars were damaged at the hampton inn friday morning, one was a white lexus matching the description of a car used in burglaries in livermore that same day. 34 cars were damaged in the spring town area of livermore, officers say four suspects were caught on surveillance cameras smashing out windows and then taking off. a new worry for firefighters battling the massive wildfire in mariposa county, the detwiler fire
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outside yosemite national park is 50% contained. crews are braceing for the possibility of dry lightning which could spark new fires, they say it could take another two weeks to fully surround this one. the heat wave is off for a while weeshgs are enjoying the cooler weather-- while, we are enjoying cooler weather. >> 20 degrees cooler inland, we are the thunderstorm threat building in the sierra. kind of all tied together as the weather often is. we are looking at temperatures not as hot today but really depended where you are, even inland area husband a microclimate. if you are not exposed to a south wind, livermore and san jose, yes, you were cooler but not by much. you were still close to 90 degrees. fremont, 79, san rafael, saeb 1. not on your-- 71, not on your television is concord, down almost 25 degrees today from the upper 90s to mid 70s, exposed to a southerly wind, the wind direction that we did have today keeping temperatures down. san francisco, you have ben in the 60s with saturday the exception your high today. 68 degrees. lots of thunderstorms bubbling
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up. they are on the nevada sidef the border, north and east of tahoe. a sign things are becoming unstable and i believe at least for the next 7-10 days we will continue to see rather affect weather over the mountains. look way off to the oos you will likely see a-- east you will likely see a cloud shield, thunderstorms more than a hundred miles away. our weather locally, not expecting rainfall and expecting things to stay quiet the next couple of days but another warm aup, all about the ridge. is it close? it was over the weekend. we got warm inland, mid 70s in san francisco. begins to move farther away, draws out tropical moisture and gets thunderstorms, we get cooler air, wobbleing back and forth for the past several weeks, now it is wobbleing away from us. but it is coming back later this week. weather headlines, lot of drizzle at the coastline tonight. partly cloudy but we will see a pretty good intrusion of low cloud cover pushing inland. overnight lows somewhat mild for this time of year. mid to upper 50s, close to 60,
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fremon, livermore, 59 in fairfield. 57 in vallejo and oakland. temperatures near normal today, tomorrow, and wednesday. what is normal? pretty close to these numbers i am about to show you. 70 in oakland, 79 for fremont, 82 for san jose. and nama, 78 degrees. san francisco, 67, and santa rosa, 75. we will warm up once again right at the end of the week, the warm up begins and the warmest weather or hottest weather will be saturday and sunday. this will be a 4th consecutive week at the hottest weather happens over the weekend. upper 90s, low 100s, again, inland. mid 70s, though, near the bay. not warm ing that much near the water. coast, mid 60s. >> you are on a roll, paul. >> every weekend. >> we see the pattern. stepping on board bart fleet of the future, less noise, more standing. how your commute is going to change. steph curry does an impersonation of a teammate in china, it is not very
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flattering. harbaugh is back, this time on the water, guess who was the last man standing? next. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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passed kobe bryant with the hottest selling jersey in china,,and while the bay area and bejing are almost 6-thousand earlier this year curry passed bryant with the hottest selling jersey in china. bay area and beijing almost 6,000 miles apart, they have something in common, they both love a winner. >> number one, china likes winning, they like super stars, the warriors do both. >> curry is spending the weekend promoting under armour with stops in china and south korea but he is not the only warrior to visit china recently, klay thompson went viral after coming up short on the dump attempt. curry poked fun at his fellow
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brother and did his best clay impersonation. at 23 jordan spieth is the youngest american to win the british open, third year major tite frl spieth who took the lead for good with an eagle on 15. would have liked a mulligan to redo pointing at his caddy to celebrate. >> it was kind of like an old school mub when the caddy-- move when the caddies got it out of the hole when guys holed a chip. i didn't know what i was doing at that point, i would have done a big fist pump in celebration, i don't think i enjoyed that eagle as much as i should have. >> if you were busy like me watching spieth and ignoring everything else this weekend, here is what you missed. be careful if you ever come across justin at a parking lot, he took out one of his own crew members. >> look at the-- >> first time i ever hit somebody on a pit stop. never happened but for sure my last time ever.
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>> everybody is okay. miami's gordon introducing himself to a young red s fan, the guy wasn't impressed, kicked him in the shin. no big deal. aaron judge is at it again, look at this, he almost hit it out of safeco field. they couldn't measure how far it went. he has 32 home runs. jadaniel gets his-- daniel get his blufb off in time. saved the run and saved his face, picked up his second career win in the process. finally, jim harbaugh enjoying final days of summer vacation and down goes fraser here. look closely, look closely. the first girl went, the second girl went, and harbaugh, the ever-competitive coach was the last man standing. after the girls let go. harbaugh goes in. >> how cute. >> i was watching the video at the sports bar, my fantasy, right? i want to pull the boat with
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harbaugh behind it, go 50-60 miles an hour into a turn-- >> pin him off? >> have the guy do like 8-9 somersaults before he lands in the water. >> that is really what you dream about? >> would be great. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, jered kushner grilled about his ties to russia, the defiant public comments from the president's son in law, why he says he has nothing to hide. democrats try to revive the party with a brand makeover, the new pitch aimed at trump supporters. hoping their bark will have some bite, bay area dog owners launch a grass roots fight against tough off leash restrictions.
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advisor and son- in-law jared kushner testifies before senate investigators... who are looking in 2016 election. top story 6:30, president donald trump's senior advisor and son in law, jered kushner testifys before senate investigators looking into russian meddling in the 2016 election. seth lemon live on capitol hill with his message tonight. seth? >> reporter: jered kushner told investigators he "has nothing to hide." but a senator on the intelligence committee said kushner's answers were incomplete at best. president donald trump has taken
6:29 pm
to twitter to voice his criticism of these investigations. >> let me be very clear, i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. >> president donald trump's son in law and senior advisor, jered kushner, spoke outside the white house after meeting with the senate panel to tell his story about meetings he had with russians. >> the report and documents i have voluntarily provided will show that all of my actions were proper and occurred in the normal course of events of a unique campaign. >> reporter: the first white house employee grill bide investigators looking into ties between the kremlin and trump campaign aids. before the closed door hearing he released an 11-page statement detailing four contacts with russians during president donald trump's campaign and transition into office. he claims he did not ask for a secret back channel with russia, but wanted to establish a line of communities to discuss the
6:30 pm
crisis in syria. senator ron widen, a democratic member of the intelligence committee wants kushner to testify publicly in open session saying his statement raises far more questions than it answers. on twitter, president donald trump complained about the investigation, calling his own attorney general jeff sessions beleaguered and asking why he and congress aren't also investigating hillary clinton. trump also attacked the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, tweeting sleazy adam shift, the totally biased congressman looking into russia spends all of his time on television pushing the demp loss excuse. kushner is expected back on capitol hill tuesday to ranceer questions from the house-- answer questions from the house committee. >> reporter: president donald trump's oldest son, donald trump, jr., along with campaign chairman paul manafort were both in that questionable meeting last year, both have agreed, though, to testify before lawmakers. >> what about a timeline here? how soon could these hearings happen?
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>> reporter: well, trump, jr. and manafort are going to be testifying before a different committee than kushner, the senate judiciary committee, and last week the committee said it would happen this wednesday, now we know it going to happen behind closed doors and they are negotiating when it will take place. >> all right, seth lemon, we appreciate that. thank you. hopefully he is going to get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as obamacare that is really hurting us. [ cheering and applause ] >> president donald trump referring to the secretary of health and human services this evening as he spoke to more than 40,000 members of the boy scouts of america in west virginia at the their national jamboree. he highlighted his priority a to over haul health care. the president made remarks at the white house standing in front of a group of what he called obamacare victims. he pressured gop lawmakers, saying it is their last chance to "do the right thing."
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>> the american people have waited long enough. there has been enough talk and no action. we, as a party, must fulfill the solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they have been saying, for the last 7 years. but so far senate republicans have not done their job in ending the obamacare nightmare. >> the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, plans to hold a vote tomorrow but republican senators aren't clear what bill they will boo voting on-- be voting on. >> i don't think the that is a good approach to facing legislation that affects millions of people and 1/6 of the economy. >> republicans can't seem to agree on what replacement means. >> this just in, senator john mccain will make a return to the senate tomorrow for that health care vote. mccain has been away undergoing treatment for brain cancer. his return critical for gop lawmakers, they can only afford to lose two republican votes. leading democrats are out
6:33 pm
with a new message as they try to bounce back from a string of election defeats, kpix 5 political reporter, melissa caen here with a look at the efforts to win back voters. >> reporter: that is right, at a ceremony today in virginia, democrat leads rolled out their plans to update the party image. it is called a better deal. and it is an effort to project a positive agenda so the party isn't just seen as anti-president donald trump. democrats are offering-- >> democrats are offering a better deal. >> reporter: petty had a square deal, roosevelt, a new deal, truman, a fair deal. the democratic party announced a better deal. >> a a better deal is not just our slogan, it is our mission. >> reporter: the better deal has three parts. >> first, we are going to increase people's pay. second, we are going to reduce their every-day expenses. and third, we are going to provide workers the tools they need for the 21st century economy. >> reporter: spickly, it calls
6:34 pm
for cre-- specifically, it calls for creation of 10 million jobs with tax credit, lowering prescription drug prices, and a crack down on corporate consolidation. >> we want every family in america to know that they and their children have a place, a strong place in the economy of the 21st century. >> reporter: is this enough? democratvise been steadily losing ground, since 2009, republicans have picked up nearly 1,000 legislative seats. nate ballard is a political communications ecpert who works on democratic-- expert who works on democratic campaigns. >> as a council member who worked on hundreds of democratic campaigns, i am embarrassed by what i saw today. >> reporter: he said substance was fine but the way it was rolled out waa flop, with politicians standing around taking turns at a podium and reading their remarks. >> we needed to come out with a fresh, new message, delivered by fresh, new faces, in a way that was tech savvy, a way that would
6:35 pm
capture your attention. but this announcement was boring at best. and like fingernails on a chalk board at worst. >> reporter: it won't do the job of turning things around for the party. >> i guarantee you six months from now, nobody is going to be talking about a better deal. >> reporter: congressman pelosi says the party will go on a listening tour of america to learn more about people's concerns. >> wow. nate ballard being pretty critical and up front there. did he offer suggestions as to what a good roll out? besides being tech savvy? >> reporter: yeah, he said they should have highlighted rising stars in the delawareic party, maybe had a-- democratic party, maybe a cory booker delivering marks, not reading them, but delivering them like a rousing speech and not flanked by politicians, but flanked by actual americans, members of the democratic party, look, in the time of trump when you are competing for attention you really have to bring it. that is what he said. >> see if they get the attention. >> yeah. >> we will see if we can get them a do over. >> thank you. new details in the human
6:36 pm
trafficking tragedy in san antonio, the describe of a sweltering tractor trailer found packed with immigrants could face the death penalty. the florida man appeared in federal court today over the weekend, authorities discovered eight bodies inside the crowded 18-wheeler, parked outside a walmart in the summer heat. two more people died at the hospital, nearly 20 othererize suffering from ex-- others are suffering from heat stroke. the driver said he was unaware the immigrants were inside. prime tourist spot wants to crack down hard on vacation rentals, the heated fight over a plan to ease the housing crunch. eerie blue glow in the water, the story behind the incredible image captured by a bay area photographer.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate.
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for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. can take their dogs.. off leash.. 5's wilson wal dog owners all over the bay area are taking action over where they can take their dogs off leash.
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>> kpix 5's wilson walker shows us the fight for dog friendly parks is going straight to the top. >> very much on going, people done know about it. >> reporter: the great canine debate that for 6 months now had dog owner in limbo. >> basically, yes, we are waiting. >> reporter: at the end of 2016, the national park service announce a new set of dog restrictions for popial recall spots like-- popular spots like chrisy field, baker andesian beaches laying new-- and ocean beaches laying new rules that made many furious. >> not dog friendly, they go against many natural dog behaviors. >> reporter: but then things got complicated. >> woofy leaks came out. repark service e mail exchanges that leash law critics said pointd to a biased process. >> sounds familiar, using private e mail. >> the last i heard, was that they are now doing an
6:40 pm
independent investigation internally to-- to figure out what went wrong with the original planning. >> reporter: today the park service told us that the review is "almost complete." and when finished it will guide the next steps in the process. >> if they decide to-- the plan could go right through. >> reporter: off leash advocates are furiously campaigning, piling up tens of thousands of online signatures begging the interior department to reverse course on all of this. >> we want the secretary of interior to know what is happening. >> really another chapter in a saga that started around theturn of the millennium-- the turn of the millennium. >> reporter: if you are a bay area dog, this debate is approaching year 17, that is 119 to you and me and as for what comes next, well, that is kwb's guess. -- anybody's guess. >> i want to be optimistic and, by no means is anybody, i thing, feel very passionate going to
6:41 pm
give up. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> the park service can't say exactly when the review will be complete but insistatize will be made-- insists it will be public. bart shows off, one hint, i hope you like to stand. so many microclimates around here, even a cooling ocean breeze doesn't cool everybody, concord is 18 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. but oakland, 4 degrees warmer. the view from oakland towards san francisco, pretty strong marine layer, lots of clouds offshore, poised to move in. how long we stay cooler, coming up.
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bart is getting ready to roll out its new train cars and to boil it down for you, thing less noise, more standing. kpix 5's john ramose took a test ride. >> reporter: look closely, because that is the future of bart coming down the tracks. >> right now we are still in the testing phase, it has been a long journey. >> reporter: with a blast of its
6:45 pm
auto tuned horn, the part train pulled in to give the media a test ride. the first thing you notice is how much floor space there, seatvise been removed and handles added so more people will have to stand during the infamously crowded commute. >> we don't want to leave people at the station. we want to make sure and dpet everybody on. lets-- get everybody on, less seats mean more can get on. >> reporter: padded seats are smoother and easier to clean, air conditioning comes from ceiling vents. there is technology to reduce noise for people with cochlear implants. the propulsion and brake systemerize new and each-- systems are new. >> far more complicated. with that has the good side and bad side. when it is working, it is great. to get it working take as little more time. >> reporter: a lot hasn't worked right, the first cars in march of last year are 16 month business hind schedule because
6:46 pm
of all the glitches and modifications that had to be made. but testing operator paulson says the bugerize slowly being corrected and compared to the old trains, he says the grade has improved from an "f" to "a." >> >> grandma, remember the model t, this is like driving a tesla. >> reporter: part of a pilot program, the production cars are expected in october, no one is quite sure how long that testing will take and when passengers will be able to sit or perhaps stand in them on their way to work. in hayward, john ramose, kpix 5. >> the new trains cannot connect to the old cars, bart will be running a hybrid system, full fleet of 775 new cars ecpectd to be in place sometime in 2021. city of santa cruz considering a dramatic step to try to ease the housing crunch, talking about limiting vacation rentals. we are talking about full-time vacation rentals. where the entire property is vacant and available for rent year round.
6:47 pm
the city estimates there are about 300 of these properties around town. the city says the hope is by phasing out the full-time vacation rentals they will be used to ease the housing crisis by increasing the supply of rental homes for locals. >> so 300 units is significant, that could be for a firefighter, or police officer trying to stay in the neighborhood or a teacher or nurse. those just really struggling to stay in the community. >> most of them, we pulled the owners and they said they would keep them vacant oefrp 2% said they-- or 2% said they would return the properties to the rental market. >> opponents say the rental ban would shut out millions of dollars in tourism munay. the city council will hear public comment before voting later this year. take a look at the picture, algae glowing under water near pigeon point light house in san mateo county. a man took the photograph over the weekend, scientists well awar of the men omnon, sometimes
6:48 pm
call-- phenomenon spliems called a sea-- sometimes called a sea sparkle. it has been seen around the wurl. another to-- world. another to show you, time lapse of the glowing northern lights tweeted by nasa astronaut jack fisher, captured it 250 miles above at speed of 17,000 miles an hour. fisher described it as a bureteo of awesomeness-- burrito of awesomeness smothered in awesome sauce. >> up there long enough to create mexican food. >> 3-d printer. >> get me a chalupa. we have the ocean dmroeing, the sky-- glowing, the sky glowing, a marine layer. tuesday, most likely off on cloudy note. sill wet on the san francisco skyline. 78 in livermore, san jose, 79. concord, hot over the weekend
6:49 pm
but 74 right now. oakland, up to 71, santa rosa 70 degrees. baseball tonight after 4-game series with the padres the gianterize still home. taking on the pittsburgh pirates 7:15 first pitch, breezy, chiely, 62 degree-- chilly, 62 degrees. san francisco, 56 tonight. low cloud cover fremont, napa, mid 50s, sunrise 7 mints after 6:00-- minutes after 6:00. we have been watching since about the second week of june. is this ridge closer to us? or back toward the forty-four corners? it has been wobbleing back and forth for going on five weeks. over the weekend it got closer, it minimized the onshore flow, allowed inland temperatures to bake but now moving back . now over northern arizona, a lot of tropical moisture, the wind shifts to southerly flow in the summertime, the monsoon in arizona, it can get stormy and the thunderstorms can sometimes make it in to southern california, they are today. they can sometimes make it to
6:50 pm
the sierra, they are today, at least nevada side. we will not see rain around here but we are watching the ridge to see when it will move back in our direction. it certainly will not be tomorrow. you will see widespread morning cloud cover tomorrow, lots of afternoon sunshine, watch the clouds burning back off the shoreline as we look at half moon bay and pacifica getting sunshine tomorrow as will daily city. towards the future, the tropical moisture has to come from somewhere, a series of tropical storms, one likely stays a hurricane through sunday. the center ohurricane no where-- of the hurricane no where near california but tropical moisture may get drawn in to krornia, minimum-- california, minimum enhanced thunderstorm in sierra but some tropical moisture maybe making it it here. we are seasonal through wednesday, two days of very comfortable temperatures then the next warm up begins, and once again the warmest or hottest weather will likely occur over the weekend, saturday and sunday. concord, fibdegrees below-- 5 degrees below average, tomorrow,
6:51 pm
82. campbell, 84, cupertino, 84. low 80s concord, dublin, mid 80s sant yauk and brentwood. san rafael, 73, napa, beautiful sunshine, 79 degrees after morning clouds and cloverdale drops below 90 degrees tomorrow. we stay mild the next couple of days, 70s and 60s near the water, 80s to low 90s inland, we warm up starting thursday, and look at the hottest weather, once again likely on or near the weekend. that is your kpix 5 forecast. thank you, paul. >> thanks, paul. a different kind of potluck in the bay area, one of a kind thief serving up cuisine, made with american. >> oh. coming up on night beat at 10:00, we want to know on a scale of 1-10, how bad do you think crime and violence is in the bay area? you can send me thoughts by tweeting me@veronicadlcruise y will read your comments tonight on night beat at 10:00 over on our sister station kbcw44, cable 12.
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6:53 pm
6:54 pm
the gourmet feast - was served at a secret location.. with a an unusual first of its kind gala in snoema county. >> the-- sonoma county. >> the feast at a secret location with a secret ingredient. >> reporter: more than 150
6:55 pm
guests mixed and mingled as they listened to live music, in their hands cocktails were cold, inside the kitchen the action was hot with pot. >> the end of prohibition. >> reporter: the 420 chef, on thisnectomy the gourmet known as julia child of weed is cooking with cannabis. this is no ordinary potluck. >> we elevated the experience, no longer a typical chocolate chip cookie, brownie. >> reporter: cocktail to fancy desert, on the menu, watermelon gazpacho, stuffed portobello mushrooms, each infused with a tiny dose of cannabis if the guest wantatize. >> delicious. >> reporter: a method removes the grassy taste. >> 1 and a half to 2 and a half milligrams. by the end of the night, it will be 10 milligrams, about if you had a glass and a half of wine
6:56 pm
on an empty stomach. >> kicked in 45 minutes ago, it is jus really mellow. >> reporter: the event thrown to celebrate a landmark time for the cannabis industry. >> in california, we just passed adult use, we are gearing up for 2018 to open those doors. >> reporter: we are celebrating this new era that we are going into. the >> reporter: guest of honor is deangelo, nationally known advocate for reform. >> clorn wru is the largest legal-- california is the largest legal market for cannabis. >> reporter: he cautions those in the cannabis industry are very concerned about what the feds could cook up. >> i hope that the people who pull the strings in the trump administration understand that their voters support cannabis, not just ademic liberal issue. >> reporter: after desert of s'mores brownie pillows. >> kicks your socks off. amazing. >> reporter: guests head back out to the red wood grove. >> great time. >> laid back.
6:57 pm
>> people feeling good, energized. >> wow. each guest paid about $175, they were required to show their medical marijuana card. there you go. >> all right v a good night, on that-- have a good night on that note.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: appreciate it. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, folks. thank y'all very much. yeah, i do. appreciate that. thank y'all. well, welc "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from powder springs, georgia, it's the champs, it's the helton family. [cheering and applause] and from castro valley, california, it's the gates family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and somebody, somebody might just drive out of here in a brand-new car. yeah. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the gates family. joelle? joelle: yes, steve. steve: how you doing? joelle: i'm doing really good, steve. steve: good, good, good. what do you do? joelle: i go to st. mary's college. i'm about to be a junior in the fall. i love to dance and i love to act. i was actually on an episode of "wives with knives," and speaking of acting, i actually always get mistaken for the actress keke palmer. steve: yeah. you do. [applause] this little girl pretty as all outdoors, ain't she? [laughter] pleasant. got a good sense-- introduce everybody, joelle. joelle: ok, steve, this is my wonderful auntie jaynne. this is my beautiful mother launi, my goofy cousin justin, and my handsome cousin tiger. [cheering and applause] steve: hey, listen, have yourself a lot of fun today. stay enthusiastic. keep smiling. have fun. tha'


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